Black History Month 2018

The monthlong celebration will take place at the Paley Center’s locations in New York City and Beverly Hills and will feature an interactive exhibit, family activities, and special screenings highlighting significant African-American moments in television. The activities are free and open to the public. The experience also includes a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., in commemoration of his life on the anniversary of his assassination. Key moments of his public service are called out, accompanied by King: Legacy of a Dream, which are excerpts from the award-winning documentary King: A Filmed Record . . .Montgomery to Memphis. We invite you to also visit the Paley Center library to watch the full programs in our African-American Collection.

In the gallery you can watch exclusive Paley Center compilations of the television work of African-American actors, writers, producers, journalists, athletes, and musicians who had a powerful impact on American society and culture. We hope you will discover some inspiring facts about these artists that you did not know before.

In the interactive video display, test your knowledge about our featured African-American achievers, and experience the events of the watershed year 1968, the same year the Civil Rights Act was enacted, as well as TV coverage of the civil rights movement. Rounding out the exhibit will be a special Paley Center collage where visitors can write what about the exhibit inspired them most on a Post-it and place it on a wall to create a collage, some of which will be shared on Paley social media channels.